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The Erie County Sheriff’s Office is pleased to offer to the citizens of  Erie County a residence check service for homes whether they are alarmed or not alarmed with security systems. You can request a residence check one of three ways. 1) Call or stop in to our Records Bureau Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. at 419-625-7951, 2) fill out the  convenient form on line and e-mail to the Sheriff’s office, or 3)  on line and fax it to us at 419.627.7547. print the form available (PDF, 72KB)
Homeowner's E-Mail Address
Date and Time Leaving (i.e. xx/xx/xxx, 12:00pm)
Date and Time Returning (i.e. xx/xx/xxx, 12:00pm)
Homeowner's Name
Address of Residence
Phone Number Where You May Be Reached
Home Phone Number
Emergency Contact # 1 (name, phone, and will they have a key?)
Emergency Contact # 2 (name, phone, and will they have a key?)
Emergency Contact #3 (name, phone, and will they have a key?)
Visitor # 1 (name, purpose)
Visitor # 2 (name, purpose)
Visitor # 3 (name, purpose)
Property Details: Any lights on, timers, vehicles on the property including license plate numbers
I hereby give the Erie County Sheriff's Office Permission to check my property during my absence: Signature of Homeowner

To validate your submission, please answer the following math problem:

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