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Appeals Division

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Appeals Division

The Erie County Clerk of Courts is the clerk of the Sixth District Court of Appeals of Ohio pursuant to Ohio Revised Code section 2302.03.  The appellate division accepts appeals from the appropriate common pleas courts and municipal courts within the district. 

To file an appeal, the following is required and you will need an original and four copies of all documents:

  1. A notice of appeal including a copy of the judgment that is being appealed
  2. A completed praecipe form
  3. A completed docketing statement form, and
  4. $150.00 as a deposit for costs in the Court of Appeals.  The trial court may access an additional fee. If your case was decided in one of the courts of Erie County, please contact our appeals division if there is a question about an additional fee. In certain circumstances the cost deposit may be waived. See 6th Dist. Loc.App.R 7(B) for information regarding when costs are waived.

Forms for the notice of appeal, praecipe and docketing statement are on the website of the Sixth District Court of Appeals, www.lucascountyoh.gov. Once on the website chose "Court of Appeals" from the dropdown menu under the "Government" tab at the top, then click on "Rules" on the left side of the screen.

Erie County Common Pleas Courts do not accept faxed filings. However, the Sixth District Court of Appeals will accept some items via fax. Therefore, this general information is applicable:

  • Please keep faxed items to less than 15 pages
         If faxing a document, please indicate on coversheet that Original is in the mail.
  • Notice of Appeal, Original Actions, and all Briefs MUST be either mailed or hand delivered.
         You will need an original and four copies of all briefs.
  1. Please do not bind or use tabs that extend the side of paper on the original  documents.  Copies may be bound and tabbed.
  2. Please use blue ink on original documents as other colors may be harder to see once scanned or faxed.
  3. All motions must have a proposed Judgment Entry or Order submitted with them.



               Notice of Appeal and Cross Appeal $150.00
                             Docketing Statement

  • If you are a party to the case and request a transcript, the aforementioned items must be completed by a Court Reporter

               Original Actions $100.00

Writ of:
          Quo Waranto
          Habeas Corpus

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