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Criminal Division

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Criminal Division

The Criminal Division of Erie County Clerk of Courts is responsible for overseeing and retaining records in felony cases.  The Criminal Division also maintains and administers filed documents in escape cases, extraditions from other states and expungements.  Crimes are considered offenses against the State of Ohio.  Thus, if a person commits a crime against another, it is considered an offense to everyone in society.  Therefore, criminal cases are prosecuted by the State of Ohio, and the prosecutor (not the victim) files the case in court as a representative of the State.


Appeal to the Sixth District Court of Appeals$150.00 
Motion to Expunge Record per case, nonrefundable 
Information About the Expedited Record Update Service & Notice of Right To Opt Out  
Certificate of Qualification for Employment$100.00
Effective 8/1/2013 
All criminal copies obtained from the Clerk's Office$    0.25
All criminal certified copies obtained from the Clerk's Office$    2.00
Exception: No fee required for Certified Copies needed for entrance into school. 

However, proper documentation must accompany the request.

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