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Civil Division

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Civil Division

Erie County Clerk of Courts’ Civil Division is responsible for all legal documents filed and payments submitted in civil cases in the Common Pleas Courts of Erie County.  A civil case is a legal case involving civil or common law, which resolves disputes between and among individuals or organizations in which some form of compensation, monetary damage or specific action, may be awarded.


Foreclosure Complaints$650.00
Other Civil Complaints$250.00
Cross Complaint, counter claim, cross-claim, 
Third-party complaint or intervener complaint
$  50.00
Administrative Appeals$250.00
Foreign Judgments$150.00
Certificates of Judgments (CJ) 
Filing fee$  31.00
Issuing$    6.00
Releasing$    6.00
Partial release of Judgment Liens, per page$    3.00
Debtor Exam/Proceeding in aide of execution$100.00
Personal Earnings$100.00
Bank Attachment (other than)$100.00
Plus $1.00 payable to garnishee 
Execution against chattel$100.00
Complete instructions for execution required: exact location, serial number, detailed description and copy of title for any motor vehicle or watercraft needed.  WRITTEN instructions to the Sheriff MUST also be provided. 
Other Civil Costs 
Contempt$  50.00
Medical Malpractice$300.00
Order of Sale$800.00
Transfer Case from County or Municipal Court$250.00
Jury View$100.00
  • Deposit payable upon request of transportation
Service by publication$500.00
Appeal to Sixth District Court of Appeals and cross appeals$150.00
Motion to Revive Dormant Judgment
$ 40.00
Motion to Compel$ 50.00
Ohio State Tax Lien 
       Filing Fee
$ 31.00
$   6.00

Subpoena Forms

(Revised Code, Sec. 2303.11) - The precipe section is to be completed by an attorney, then submitted to Clerk’s Office, for issuing to Sheriff for service upon parties listed therein. Fees: $50.00 per witness (Note: If more than one witness on subpoena, witnesses must be from the same county; if witness is out of county, there is an additional fee of $.10 (ten cents) per mile required per trip. The attorney must note on subpoena the round trip mileage and county.
(Revised Code, Sec. 2303.11) - The precipe section is to be completed by an attorney, then submitted to the Clerk of Courts' Office for issuing to the Sheriff for service upon parties therein listed. Fees: Same as Precipe for Subpoena
This subpoena covers Civil/Criminal, Domestic, Duces Tecum, and Grand Jury. Subpoena to be served by the attorney or by process server; thereafter submit the return of service to Clerk of Courts’ Office. (Note: This type of subpoena is filed only after service has been completed). Fees: Attorney will be responsible for witness & mileage fees for out of county witnesses.
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