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Domestic Relations Division

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Domestic Relations Division

The Erie County Domestic Relations Division of the Clerk of Courts is responsible for maintaining records involving divorces, dissolutions, legal separations, annulments, and domestic violence actions which include civil protection orders. 

If you intend to represent yourself in any of the aforementioned actions, please be aware that the clerk’s office is statutorily prohibited from offering any legal advice.

Erie County Court of Common Pleas Domestic Relations Local Rules of Court. To obtain domestic relations forms visit Common Pleas Court Forms for Domestic Relations page.

    Mandatory initial pleadings required for a divorce, annulment or legal separation:

               You will need to submit one copy of all documents.

    1. Complaint for Divorce with Chidren,  Complaint for Divorce without Children

    2. Instructions for service of the Complaint and other pleadings

    3. Financial Disclosure with proof of income (pay stubs and complete federal tax returns including all applicable schedules for the last 2 tax years

    4. Child Custody Affidavit if the parties have children

    5. Judgment Entry of Injunctions unless a signed Separation Agreement with an injunctive clause is filed with the Complaint

    6. Request for Temporary Orders with an accompanying Affidavit, if the Plaintiff desires Temporary Orders and;

    7. Information Form

    8. Ohio Department of Health Vital Statistics-Certified Abstract

    Mandatory initial pleadings required for dissolution of marriage action:

                 You will need to submit one copy of all documents.

    1. Petition for Dissolution of Marriage and Waiver of Service of SummonsSeparation Agreement

      • Waiver of Service of Summons/Process by both parties

    2. Financial Disclosure Affidavit for both parties

    3. Child Custody Affidavit executed by both parties, if applicable

    4. Child Support Computation Worksheet executed by both parties, if applicable

    5. Pretrial Statement and Settlement Proposal and;

    6. Information Form

    7. Ohio Department of Health Vital Statistic-Certified Abstract



    If you believe you are the victim of domestic violence or civil stalking you may contact the Erie County Prosecutor’s Office and/or Safe Harbour.  Packets may be obtained from the Clerk’s Office but office personnel are statutorily prohibited from assisting in completing the forms.

    PLEASE NOTE: Effective November 4, 2019 by Order of Erie County Common Pleas Court General Division, all civil cases including foreclosure cases shall be revised as follows. Please click link for upcoming increases. NEW DOMESTIC FILING FEE INCREASES


    Complaint for Divorce, Dissolution and Annulment$282.00
    Counterclaim, Cross-complaint, cross-claim or Third Party Complaint$150.00
    Motion or Pleading Requiring Service by Clerk-Post Decree$200.00
    Contempt/Show Cause$200.00
    Service by Publication$500.00
    Subpoena (in county per witness)$50.00
    Foreign County assessed $.10 (ten cents) per mile round trip 
    Appeal to Court of Appeals and Cross Appeal$150.00
    CD Audio Recording for Transcript $5.00
    Qualified Domestic Relations Order/Division of Property Order $25.00
     Other Domestic Relations (ODR) Complaint for Custody$282.00


    All other forms not herein provided may be obtained at or by purchasing the Erie County Court of Common Pleas, Domestic Relations Division, Local Rules of Court.............$15.00

    Effective July 1, 2013, additional forms are available through the Supreme Court website:

    View text-based website