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All About Active Transportation

Active transportation is any form of transit that is self-propelled. This could be in the form of biking, using a scooter, roller-skating or one of many more options! Active transportation is important to our community because it reduces the amount of traffic on our roads, helps preserve our environment, and improves overall health.

Why Active Transportation?

Why focus on active transportation? The Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) is the chief transportation planning agency for the Sandusky Urbanized Area. The MPO is encouraged by the Ohio Department of Transportation to promote the use of all forms of transportation. The MPO feels that community outreach regarding these other modes of transportation is important and beneficial to the community. The MPO already promotes a form of active transportation through the Safe Routes to School (SRTS) program. This program promotes children to actively travel to and from school in a safe manner in order to encourage a healthy lifestyle. The MPO has been active with working with the community (City of Sandusky, City of Vermilion, and Perkins Township) on Safe Routes to School applications and process. Active Transportation Month is another layer of this outreach effort, which is extended to the entire community.

How do I Get More Information?

The ERPC MPO would like to thank the Erie County Commissioner’s, Erie County Health Department, the Erie County Dog Pound, Lake Erie Shores and Islands, and the Erie Metroparks for their continual support of this event. For more information, please call Associate Planner, Nicole Grohe at 419.627.7793. She can also be reached by [email protected]

Where to Walk and Bike Locally

This is not an all-inclusive list. If you would like another facility added please contact
[email protected]

Other Nearby Areas North Coast Inland Trail- partially paved trail-access from US 4 for the west side of the county. Also access from Bellevue, Norwalk, Wakeman and Collins.

Vermilion Water Trail

State and US Bicycle Routes 


Active Transportation Month

National Bike Month Prize
Since 2011 ERPC has been celebrating Active Transportation Month in Erie County. During the month of May ERPC provides varous resources for the community in recognization of National Bike Month. Stay tuned for more details for this year's events.

Supporting Active Transportation Locally

Following The Law

Have a bicycling/walking questions? Call the police department on where you plan to ride or walk….as Ohio is a home rule state areas may elect different rules than stated in the ORC….

Local Law Enforcement Agenices
Erie County Sheriffs Office
City of Sandusky
City of Huron
City of Vermilion


Commonly asked Questions  

Ohio Bicycle Laws

Remember there is a three feet passing rule in the State of Ohio that went into effect in 2017.





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