Victim Assistance Services

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The Director chairs the Erie County Domestic Violence Task Force and the Tri-County SANE/SART Program. Staff are also active in the Child Abuse Task Force.

Services provided by the Victim Assistance Division will include:

Orientation to Criminal Justice System
Providing information and literature to a victim or witness of a crime on the criminal justice system.

Crisis Intervention
Short-term counseling to provide emotional support for victims as well as arranging for long-term counseling, when necessary. Information and referral to other community services and coordination with those to assist the victim and/or family.

Case Status
Assisting victims concerning the status and/or progress of their case.

Victim Compensation
Assisting crime victims or their families in determining if they qualify for compensation under the Ohio Victims of Crime Program. Providing appropriate legal referral for filing.

Victim Impact Statement

Assisting victims of crime in preparing a Victim Impact Statement which is given to the sentencing Judge to make the victim's feelings known.
Assisting victims in responding to the Adult Parole Authority concerning commutation, pardon, or parole action for the offender.
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