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The Erie County Fair Housing Program is here to help Erie County residents by answering housing questions, providing education on housing rights and responsibilities, and offering assistance in filing fair housing complaints. Fair Housing means one may freely choose a place to live without regard to one's race, color, disability, religion, sex, national origin, or family status. The Fair Housing Program assists everyone free of charge because fair housing is a right protected by Federal and State law.

Check out the following brochures for more information on Fair Housing in Erie County:

Lead Safe Housing Registry

The Erie County Lead Paint Hazard Control program is pleased to provide this Lead Safe Housing Registry to you. This registry is a listing of single-family homes, duplexes and apartments that have received a professional lead service. These services have been performed by certified lead professionals or companies. We trust it will help you to make an informed decision prior to buying or renting a home.

Important Information

Please be aware that the addresses listed below were deemed lead safe when the work was completed and the conditions may change as conditions of the home change. New lead hazards may be created as a result of normal use and changes to the structure. Likewise, hazardous lead components may be removed as structures undergo renovations, such as new windows. Therefore, the information provided here should be thought of as a “snap-shot” in time, and is accurate only for the time during which the service was done. A careful review of past services and the current condition of the building will help assess the present conditions. Another assessment may be needed by certified professionals, since the original activity was performed. Erie County, the Erie County Health Department, and the Erie Regional Planning Commission make no claims as to the current conditions of the units listed.
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