How to Read Your Sewer Bill

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How To Read Your Sewer Bill

Your sewer charges are based upon your water consumption. This is the amount of water that flows through your water meter and is measured in cubic feet (CF). One hundred CF (1 CCF) is equivalent to 748 gallons of water. The read dates (date on which the meter was read) are located directly above the usage amounts on the bill, and are also an important factor when analyzing the bill. The read dates reflect the number of days in the billing period. All meters are read to the nearest whole number. 

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Here’s an example of how to calculate a bill based on a monthly water usage of 443 CF, with a 5/8” meter:

Erie County Sewer District Customers (Effective bills due on or about 02/17/2019, Commissioners Resolution 14-566)

Minimum charge for first 200 CF    = $ 16.23
Next 243 CF x $ 5.79 per CCF           = $ 14.07
Total charge for water for 443 CF =   $ 30.30
Bay View/Bay Bridge Sewer District Customers (Effective 01/14/2016, Commissioners Resolution 16-16)

Minimum charge                             = $ 49.50
Next 443 CF x $ 0.66 per CCF         = $  2.92
Total charge for water for 443 CF = $ 52.42
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