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Skill Classes

The Court utilizes skill classes to assist youth in addressing the behaviors that caused them to be involved with Juvenile Court and to assist them in making better decisions in the future. Each skill class provides the youth with positive alternatives for dealing with anger, decision-making, conflict management, problem solving, communication, and other social skills.

Youth may be referred to one or more classes by their Diversion Counselor as a condition of their diversion contract. Youth may also be Court Ordered to attend one or more classes by the Judge or Magistrate as a dispositional order in their case. The skill classes are offered and taught by the Juvenile Diversion Counselors on a monthly basis. The classes are generally offered for youth ages 12 to 18 who are not repeat offenders. Individual classes are generally used for youth under age 12, youth who are not appropriate for a group and youth with complex needs. 

Skill Class Descriptions

Actions and Consequences Class:

This class is designed for youth who make poor choices.  The class reinforces the idea of
being aware of the consequences, both good and bad, of their behaviors at all times.

Shoplifting Consequences Class:

This class is designed for youth who have been charged with theft or a theft-related charge.  This one hour class covers the consequences of shoplifting in both juvenile and adult court. 

Anger Management Class:

This class is for youth who have a charge related to anger including: domestic violence, disorderly conduct and assault.  Interactive exercises are used with the group, including discussions on effective and alternative ways to handle anger.

Individualized Skill Class:

This class is designed for youth with complex needs.  A staff member meets with the
youth and/or parent individually to address specifics relating to their issues.  Self-esteem,
behavioral issues, life skills, anger and school issues, etc… are just a few of the areas that
are addressed.

For more information contact:  
Margaret Black at (419) 627-7521, Michelle Deichler at (419) 627-7520 or Shelisa Johnson at (419) 624-6317. 

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